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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where Is Your Joy?

We have all fallen into this trap. It is a hole in the middle of our path that we walk into rather than around. We have fallen in several times. Each time it is hard to climb out. Each time we say we won't fall in again.

Christians forget where their joy is. We put it into the things we do not possess. We place it in temporary objects. This is why there is so much disappointment in some Christians' lives. They keep chasing something that remains out of reach. They keep thinking that they will soon possess it. They even have moments of holding their "joy" in their hands to have it snatched away.

There can be no joy in any possession, position or person on this earth. It cannot be found in our cars, homes or huge HD televisions. It will not be found on the ski slopes, the beaches or the mountain lakes. It does not reside in the board room, corner office or in the White House. It cannot be found in building buildings or chiseling statues or designing cars. It will elude you if you think it is found in your spouse, children, friends or fans.

We have a creator. He created us for fellowship with Him. He created us for a purpose on this earth. We find out joy when we join Him in our purpose. Our joy is found in the Lord. It is found because we are fulfilling our purpose in life. Everything else is just a facade of joy. It looks like it will bring joy on the outside but we soon find that "joy" fading as soon as the luster has worn off. The new car doesn't thrill us anymore. Neither does the new house nor the new spouse.

Satan has told us a lie that we believe so readily. He says that there is something better than the Lord has for you. He told this lie to Adam and Eve. They believed him even though they already had joy in their lives. It only takes a slight turn of the head to get things out of your line of vision. Satan turns our heads and we lose sight of everything we know to be true. We lose our joy.

This true joy is never really out of reach. It means you must give up those things that you thought were joy. This is the failure of the rich, young ruler. Jesus told him to sell all that he possessed, give it to the poor and come follow Jesus. He thought his joy was in the things he possessed and missed true joy. People have misunderstood this story so often. They think that Jesus doesn't want anyone to ever have anything. That's not the point. Joy is found in eliminating the things that are keeping you from the Lord. It doesn't mean you will leave your spouse and children or quit your job. It means they will no longer have possession of you. You will give yourself to the Lord. Then, you will find joy. (And you become a better spouse or parent or employee.)

I write this as a person full of joy. But this is today. I am quite capable of turning my head and looking at other things. I have done so in the past. I thank God that He takes me back into His joy.

How about you? Where is your joy? Are you really full of joy right now?

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