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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Fall of the Faithful

Elijah had incredible faith. God told him to pray that it wouldn't rain and it didn't for three years. God led him to challenge the prophets of Baal and he did. He knew God would light the altar and had no fear that Baal would do so also. God led him to pray for rain. And it rained. What happened to his faith when Jezebel said she would kill him?

Elijah had been working hard for the Lord. He fell into the trap common for many people who work hard for the Lord. He began to believe that he was the only one working, he was afraid of his future and he couldn't see beyond his present situation. This would cause anyone to lose heart.

Loneliness will stop many people in their tracks. They ask themselves, "Why should I work so hard when no one else is?" They forget what Who and what they are working for. Losing your purpose creates a "woe is me" attitude. It discourages any future service. It stops the work of the Lord.

It is natural to be afraid of the future when you assume that you are the only one working. These discouraged faithful workers believe they have to do everything. They believe no one will come to help. They believe that their future is determined by their own hard work. They become afraid of the future when they know that they don't have the power to control it. Of course, they forget Who holds the future.

Therefore, they see their present condition as their final condition. They are like people cycling up a hill who believe that the round trip of their ride is uphill both ways. Yet, our present condition is never our final condition. If you win; it isn' t the final. If you lose; it isn't fatal. These faithful people sometimes go deep into depression because they believe their present condition is their final one.

Or course, God tells Elijah that he is not alone. He tells him what he must do. God gives him a new future and Elijah comes out of his depression.

I have it by God's authority to tell all the faithful people that you are not alone. God has a plan and a future that isn't in your present condition. Just listen to the still, small voice that God sometimes speaks with. Then, go do what you are called to do. The action will remove your depression.

Do you know someone who has been faithful to the Lord but is struggling right now? They are falling but God has chosen you to help them past their present condition. You have been called to tell them they are not alone, God has a plan and a future beyond their present condition.

We all make it together or we really don't know what it is to make it through this life faithfully. The faithful should never fall and stay down. There should be others who will help them up.

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