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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


The most godly person can pray the most godly prayer and God can still say "no." Why is that?


A good marketing person might tell Jesus that He didn't play His cards very well. After all, look at all the real miracles He could do. Why didn't Jesus tell the disciples to get a crowd together after he fed the 5000. He could tell them to tell the crowd to come back for a really good meal the next day. Then, the disciples could gather some really sick people and maybe a couple of people who had recently died. After the disciples had the crowd chanting and really rocking out, Jesus could walk across the Sea of Galilee for His entrance. Then, saying, "Behold!" with the sound of thunder He could raise the dead, heal a few people and start producing fried chicken and potato salad to feed the whole crowd. Just think of His popularity, future crowds and the offerings He could gather! But He didn't do that. Why?

Sunday, February 12, 2017


The difference between a sinner and a saint is the Savior. Paul has some choice things to call believers. We are every thing he has called us.