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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Chapter Two: Abiding in God's Word

Many people are duped by false prophets because they simply do not know what God's word says. These false prophets use popular reasoning to convince their followers. For example, a number of these false prophets claim that God produced little gods when He made man. They all use an illustration of horses produce horses, dogs produce dogs, cats produce cats, etc. However, the Bible says that God created man. He did not reproduce man. Creation is not producing the same thing as the creator. Man was fashioned into God's image. He wasn't made a god. And, most importantly, being a god is the temptation Eve was offered by Satan. The churches where this heresy was preached should have emptied in minutes if people knew God's word. This teaching challenges all believers to recognize the importance of knowing and following God's word.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Death before Life

This message comes from Romans 5:14. Death reigned from Adam to Moses. It did even though there was no law. What was the death? What would restore life? Has it been restored? This is the message.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Chapter One: Grasping the Gospel

There are many heresies that keep people from coming to know Christ as their Savior. This study presents seven ways that Jesus was unique. It debunks those who say that Jesus is only an example or that they can become the Son of God themselves. It presents the gospel so that people grasp it and can tell when they are hearing a false gospel.

We All Caught It

This message is on the doctrine of original sin. It attempts to answer the question of where sin comes from and how it is passed on. It is preached by a sinner to a church of sinners. It tells how much we need God's grace.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Someting's Wrong at Church: Introduction

Heresy has seeped into the mainline churches. Preachers are criticizing each other for minor differences. Shallow sermons are being preached. Why? Because we have a big problem at church. We have forgotten what our purpose is.

The Joy of Our Salvation

Why do so many Christians show such dour expressions on their faces? Could it be that they have been pursuing happiness? They thought that faith would make them happy. Happiness is found in good circumstances. Therefore, bad circumstances meant that they are either doing something wrong or they made the wrong decision when they decided to become Christians. Shouldn't Christians have joy instead of sadness?

Monday, August 27, 2018

What Have We Been Saved From?

You will never be able to preach on heaven and make it good enough. You will never be able to preach on hell and make it bad enough. This message doesn't speak so much on what we have been saved for but what we have been saved from.