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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Can Salvation Be Lost?

There are a few scriptures that lead people to believe that they can lose their salvation. There are a few people who have renounced their salvation. There are many who believe that's not possible. Which is it? Can we lose our salvation?

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Does God Push Some Away?

Are there people that God has no use for? He doesn't love them and really, other than using them, He doesn't care what happens to them. That can be the interpretation of this scripture if it is taken out of context. Let' see what it really means?

If Not for the Jews

Gentiles owe a great debt to the Jews. They brought us Jesus. The chosen people produced the Savior. They were the first disciples and the Apostles that would bring it to the Gentiles around the world. If not for the Jews, we would be without hope.

When Life Comes from the Dead

Gentiles were not God's people. We weren't the chosen ones. When the Jews as a nation rejected Christ, we were grafted in. Our life came from the grace of God. Our life came to us so that God would make the Jews jealous and return to Him. Their life will be like life returning to the dead.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

If My People

God has blessed America. But for how long? Do we deserve to be blessed if we refuse to follow Him? We have today to turn back toward Him. There are no other promises.

The Miracle of God's Grace

We receive grace when we are saved. We have received grace when someone influenced us to become Christians. We receive grace when God works in our lives afterward. It is a miracle that God holds onto to us in His grace. Look, and see the grace around you.

A Father's Responsibility

Fathers are given a monumental task in spiritually leading their families. Most fathers neglect that responsibility. They leave the spiritual growth to the mother. This message is what the father must do rather than rebuking him for what he has not done. Everyone can only do what is necessary right now. Now is the day to begin your responsibility fathers.