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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is There a Limit to Your Faith?

Faith is believing something unseen. It is confidence in the actions of another before the event. It is acting on what you say you believe.

Most people have very little faith. Their faith is limited to what they feel they must believe. They say that they believe in Jesus for their eternity but they don't believe in Him for their tomorrow. Some day their tomorrow becomes their eternity and they are very scared of dying. They didn't understand that their limits they placed on their faith daily would limit their faith for eternity.

It seems we have a faith that only works when we are painted into a corner. If we can't believe anything else we will accept God's faith. But that isn't faith at all. It is insurance at best.

We will believe in the doctors and advances in medicine until we discover they can do nothing for us. Then, we run to Jesus for healing. We believe in our bank accounts or our employers until we lose our jobs and our money is depleted. Then, we run to Jesus. We believe in playing golf on Sundays until terrorists attack our country. Then, we run to Jesus.

Our faith is limited to our own desperation. If we can't get what we need any other way, we will run to Jesus. Is that really faith or are we like the little boy in the movie "The Christmas Story" who goes to Santa Claus as a last resort to get the BB gun he wants for Christmas? It was his ace in the hole. All of his other manipulations hadn't worked. Surely Santa would come through.

Yet, people don't seem to notice their own incongruency in their faith. They don't tithe but believe God will take care of them financially. They worry and say they believe God will take care of them. This isn't much faith at all. Our actions prove the limits of our faith.

Is your faith limited? Do you really trust in Jesus or is He just a last resort?

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