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Saturday, July 25, 2009

God Believes in Brad Pitt

I read that Brad Pitt said that he didn't believe in God. (I really don't know why that's news. There are millions of people who don't believe in God. Are we so enamored with celebrities that we care what they do or think at all times?)

The good news for Brad is that God believes in him. There is nothing that Brad can say that will make God love him less . . . or more for that matter. There is nothing that any of us can do that will make God pursue us less.

God is after us. He seeks us regardless of what we have said or done. He wants us to come to Him because He is the only true life. Every other way of living our lives is a sham. It may look great on the outside but it is full of death. It contains no joy. It only has fleeting moments of happiness.

God loves us all so much that He doesn't want any of us to live this way. If we do not come to Him, He pursues us. If we do come to Him, He continues to pursue us. The abundance in life is directly proportional to our relationship to Him. Our joy grows as our relationship grows. He seeks the very best for us in this relationship.

God demonstrated this love He has for us by the death of Jesus when we were working against Him. He gave His Son for the people who killed Him too. Jesus, Himself, prayed that God would forgive those who did this to Him.

I am God's child by God's grace. He pursued me until I gave my heart to Him. He continued to pursue me as I get closer to Him. I thank God that He believed in me when I had no belief in Him. I thank God that He still believes in me.

So, Brad, there is good news. You may not believe in God now but He certainly believes in you!

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