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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Do Your Prayers Inform God or Agree with Him?

I have heard many people pray publically. Some of them pray like God doesn't know what is going on. They will say something like, "God I want to lift up my wife's friend who has cancer. She is the one that she commutes to work with; the one who always sits in the back seat." They act as if God doesn't know who this person is. They then describe the illness in detail. It seems as if they are informing God of a bad situation. Their prayers are 911 calls. For them God says, "State the nature of your emergency."

There is nothing wrong with stating what the problem is. Sometimes it helps us pray. We can focus better when we state the problem. However, we should always remember that we aren't telling God something that He doesn't already know. Our prayers are given so we can see His glory through His answers. They are not telling God what to do. They are requesting God to act.

I wonder if people know that God wants the best for each and every person. Your prayers should agree with Him. I wonder if people know that God knows the best for each and every person. Your prayers should agree with Him. I wonder if they know that God has the power to change anything. Your prayers should agree with Him.

Our prayers should remember one basic principle: "The all mighty, omniscient, omnipresent God loves the same people we love. God cannot do anything but the best for them" (He even loves the people we can't stand, too.)  Our prayers change us. Our prayers see God work. Our prayers address the answers that come from God. Our prayers cannot be anything more than agreeing with God for the best.

I do not not always understand God's answers. I did not understand the death of a seven year old child whom I had prayed to live. I didn't understand the continued unemployment of a friend. I did not understand the long suffering of someone who eventually died. God's answers continue to puzzle me. However, I can go back to my basic principle and say, "Glory to God in the highest. He knows and He does what is best!"

I suppose some people will say that I am just drawing a bullseye around anything that happens and claiming that was God's direct hit. They could think that but they would be wrong. I have had too many encounters with God that defy explanation. I have seen what appeared to be a bad thing turn into something wonderful too many times. God does not roll dice and claim that is what He intended to do all along.

Pray to agree with Him. You are not informing Him of the problem or what He must do. You accept the answer as His best for the situation. 

Get ready for God to do something wonderful when you pray. 

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