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Sunday, July 19, 2009

When Money Is Your Master

We all have to use money. That's the key word:"use." Some people allow money to be their master. It is a frustrated life. It lacks true joy. It is never satisfied; never fulfilled.

You can never please money when it is your master. You will never have enough. You will make it as fast as you can and you will never hear it say. This is enough. You will worker harder and harder to find there is no true satisfaction. You are serving an unrelenting master. This master claims that joy in life requires more of him. Yet, you are making more than you ever have and have less joy now. You can never have enough when money is your master.

Money will force you into labor that you do not like. You will work a job to make money rather than a job that is a joy. You will have no ministry there because you worship money, not God. You will look forward to Fridays instead of Mondays. You will regret each day of work. You will watch the clock rather than your work. Master Money will make much of your week miserable.

Money will make you stingy. You will give reluctantly. Your giving to God will suffer and you will never know how God can provide because you have never tested Him through tithing. Besides if you truly gave like you should, you would be two-timing your god of money. You would be unfaithful to the one (money) that you have pledged to serve.

Any gift to others will be based on how much money you gave rather than on your own heart. You will assume that the receiver will show a great obligation to you if you give him money. After all, you have shared your god with him. Shouldn't he be a believer in money too?

You will spend time worshiping your master. You will take pride in your bank account. You will worry about the balance. You will use clever ways to sing your praises about your god. You will buy things to praise your god. You will flaunt your money before others. You must have the new car and the big house for these represent your god, money. This worship never escapes you. It is a burden, not a joy.

The worship of money makes it your master. Jesus said you can't serve God and money. It means that those who worship money, those who make it their master, can't really know God as God. They can't truly worship Him. They can't truly serve Him.

Serving money is a picture of hell. You will serve someone who will never love you. You will work for someone who will never say it is enough. You will get no rest. You will find no joy. This never stops.

You can stay under this master of money or you can fall at the feet of Jesus and pledge Him your worship. You can seek the true joy that only He can give. You can start using money rather than it using you.

So, you say money is not your master? Then, tithe today at your church and see what your money has to say about it. Money is not your master if you can do so with joy. Money is your master if you have regrets for the gift.

Now this is really an inconvenient truth.

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