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Sunday, July 26, 2009

What Is the Devil Trying to Do to You?

The devil is real. We have told our children that the boogie man doesn't exist. If he does, it is in the form of the devil

Hollywood wants to make him into a creature so hideous that no one would have anything to do with him. I can't imagine him revealing himself in the Hollywood image. Let's look at what the Bible says about him. Then, we can know what he is trying to do to you.

The Bible says that he is a deceiver. He is the father of lies. He tries to make you believe something that isn't true. He will tell you that he has something better for you than God does. He will tell you to leave your spouse because you deserve something better. He will deceive you into forgetting your faith. I'll bet he has been trying to deceive you.

The Bible calls him the accuser of the brethren. He stands before God accusing you of your sins. He is also in the business of remembering your sins before you. He reminds you of the sins you have committed so that you can't have victory over them. He doesn't need to kick you for your sins; you are doing such a good job yourself. I'll bet he has reminded you of sins you have already confessed. I'll bet he is still accusing you.

The Bible says he is the tempter. He doesn't do all the tempting. He just sets you on a path and leaves you to go the rest of the way. He just starts the process. He tempts you to do something that seems good at the time. He tempts you to do something that has an immediate payoff and helps you forget the consequences. He can do so because he makes the temptation seem so desirable. I'll bet he has tempted you to do something with an immediate payoff.

The Bible says he is the one who afflicts us. He certainly afflicted Job. I understand why God gave him permission as I read the story. I know Job didn't understand it when he was going through the affliction. Maybe the devil has afflicted your body. He believes you will turn on God because your body is in pain. Will you?

The Bible tells us that the devil demanded to sift Simon Peter like wheat. Peter never thought that he would deny his Lord. He certainly didn't realize he was doing so until he looked into the eyes of Jesus. Peter was broken because of his denial of Jesus. Has the devil gotten you to do the same thing? Are you now being sifted like wheat? Are you finding out what you never thought you would do because the devil has put his fear in you? I'll bet he is trying to do so now.

Remember: if you belong to Jesus, the devil has no part of you. He has no power to make you do anything. You have the name of Jesus. You can tell the devil to leave you. Will you do so or will you let him get to you?

The devil wants to destroy you. I'll bet you already knew that.

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