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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Keeping a Faith Intact

Everyone has a belief system. They believe in something. It doesn't have to be a religiously accepted system either. It may be evolution or the big bang theory. These beliefs give people comfort. They help them cope with their lives. They put order and priority in their lives. This is why they are defended so vigorously. They will attack those who do not believe as they do. They will try to defend their faith by destroying the others. I have observed these attacks and have summed up some of them.

If you want to keep your belief system intact, ask a stupid question.

Do you remember the Sadducees asking Jesus about the woman who married the seven brothers? She married and first who died then married the next until each one had died. They asked whose wife she would be in the resurrection. (I laughed when I first read this story. The more obvious question is, "What is she putting in the soup?!" Come on, all seven brothers died. I think an investigation was warranted!) 

Sadducees do not believe in the resurrection. They thought they had Jesus when they asked this question. They failed to realize that the absence of an answer doesn't prove anything. They assumed that marriage went into the resurrection. Jesus said it only lasted until death. They had never thought of that. Why? They were so blinded by their own belief that they couldn't see the truth. This is so common it should be expected.

If you want to keep your faith system intact, hide inconvenient facts.

Lazarus resurrection proved to be a big problem. They had trouble explaining how a man who was observed to be dead for four days could be walking around. They decided that they had to kill Lazarus. It made more sense to me to believe Jesus was the Messiah. This would have destroyed their whole belief system. 

Evolutionist have had a number of problems in their belief system that they do not speak of.  They keep looking for the missing link between man and ape. They have stained the jawbone of an ape to make it appear to be one of man and called it Piltdown man. They have found a tooth and created a whole division of humanity only to discover that it was the tooth of a pig. They have supposedly found evidence of fourteen skulls which represent "Peking" man which no one can now produce. They are working hard at proving their belief system by producing "evidence" and hiding facts.

If you want to keep your belief system intact, destoy those who don't believe as you do.

The Pharisees and Sadducees did not agree on the resurrection. The Pharisees believed in it the Sadducees did not. However, they banded together to attack Jesus. They both rejected Him as the Messiah. They knew that their belief system was prevalent, but saw it eroding as people put their faith in Jesus. They needed to keep the majority or they would lose their own power over the people. They had to  kill Jesus or have their own faith system lose favor.

This is true even in the scientific community. Why are they so afraid of students learning of Intelligent Design? How could it hurt the students to hear that the earth is ordered by design rather than chance? It could hurt because it would destroy their faith system.

They must ridicule those who believe anything else. They must keep it out of the educational system. They must destroy this belief or it could take hold. It would make them lose power over the people. It would make their own faith system lose favor.

Unfortunately, many would make the same case against Christianity years ago. Christianity attacked those who thought differently. It did all the things that now is being done against it.

However, I challenge you to ask the hard questions about your faith. I believe our faith in Jesus will stand against those who would attack it. I believe our faith will be stronger if we allow ourselves to observe what others are saying.

They are blinded by their faith. Please allow our faith to open others' eyes. Don't attack their faith. Present your faith by living it before them. It will become the light that will open their eyes.

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