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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sometimes People Are So Rude

I had to go "across the water" last Thursday. You can't really go to the rest of the state of Virginia if you don't cross a bridge or a bridge tunnel. The Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel was closed. It put an incredible strain on the rest of the roads.

I got in the proper lane to take me through the Mid-Town Tunnel miles before the tunnel. The traffic barely moved in my lane while people flew past me in lanes on either side of me. After an hour of creeping along I discovered why. These people were driving as far as they could before forcing their way into the proper lane for the tunnel. They didn't wait in line as I had. They were the reason the traffic was moving so slowly. They were rude to everyone who had waited. Their mothers' should be ashamed of them!

I remember when people actually believed in the golden rule. Jesus said, "Whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also for them." I don't think that these rude folks really wanted others to treat them as if they didn't exist. I don't think that they want others to consider themselves more important.

The very basic need for "getting along" has been forgotten. Basically, people won't do what is right unless they are inspected. They will not drive the speed limit unless the police are posted along the road. They will not pay their taxes without the fear of an audit. They will not be faithful to their spouses unless they fear getting caught. A society cannot function like this. Anarchy and chaos is around the corner.

When asked, most people said they would steal $1 million if they knew getting caught was impossible. Even Christians said they would take the money and run. Righteousness is not a virtue people want to be characterized by. Its all about how you look. This sounds more the Pharisees that Jesus opposed than the people He sought.

Christians will live like the rest of the world unless they are led my the Spirit. The world will live very selfishly because it does not have the Spirit. The only chance for a society is change its standard of morality, keep laws for major crimes alone, build greater security around its homes and fear everyone because this society knows that these people take advantage of everyone as long as they can get away with it.

So, you no longer have any interest in your neighbors. You really don't care if they go to hell as long as they don't take you with them.

Its interesting to note how many people want to save the planet but not their marriages, their children's future and their own families. They vote for the person who promises them the most without regard for those who will have to pay for it. They push ahead to the last few feet to get in the lane they know they should have merged into miles back because they are only concerned about themselves.

Is that who you are? If so, your mama should be ashamed!

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