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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Should Christians Buy Insurance?

We stand in our pulpits and say that God will provide. If so, why do we buy insurance? If God will provide why won't He either keep bad things from happening or provide when bad things do?

God causes the rain to fall on the righteous and unrighteous. No one escapes bad times. The best Christians can have the worst circumstances in their lives. In fact, they often do because God trusts them so much (that's another topic for another day). So, it is safe to say that God will allow bad things to happen to good people. Christians with insurance are saying they know that bad things can happen to them. But, are they also saying they don't believe in God's ability to provide after the bad things have happened?

Nearly everyone has some type of insurance. You are practicing a type of insurance even if you are not paying extra. Locking your doors at night is insurance. Wearing a seat belt is insurance. Protecting your identity is insurance. These things are not necessary if no one robs our houses, wrecks our cars and steals our identities. Are we saying that God could not provide for us if these things happen? No, absolutely not.

We are taking action as much as possible to do what we can for ourselves. God expects that of us. He has the farmer plant the seed. Could God make crops grow where none have been planted? Yes, but don't expect Him to do so. He has a long pattern of farmers planting seeds. He allows us to do what we can. He does what we can't.

I believe God expects us to go to the doctor when we are sick. This is not a failure on my part to believe that God could heal without the doctor. He often uses doctors to help us heal just as He uses farmers to plant seeds.

Our problem comes when we believe this is the only method God uses. We should neither believe that God only uses doctors to heal us nor that God will always heal us supernaturally. We should pray and work. Both are needed in faithfulness.

Yes, Christians should get insurance if they can. They should do so because that is something that they can do. Should they depend upon their insurance alone? Absolutely not! Insurance may pay the bill but God will have to heal the tragedy.

You do what you can do. Allow God to do what you can't.

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