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Friday, July 10, 2009

Do You Want a Full Life?

I do not have any trouble having a life filled with activity. Someone will fill my life with activity if I don't fill it myself. I seem to have little free time even when I schedule free time. Something almost always comes up that I must do. No, filling my life with activity is no problem at all.

Most people try more activity in order to have a full life. A full life is one with meaning. It is one that makes you glad you are living this life. It is found in a person who knows his or her purpose and who works hard to fulfill that purpose. A full life reaches into eternity.

The world presents a facade of its version of a full life. It says that a full life is a stimulated life. It fills the body with pleasures. It says that the full life is having all of the latest and greatest things for sale. It says that a new car, new house and a corner office is a full life. It says that having everyone know your name will give you a full life.

Most people struggle to have the world's full life. However, if this is truly a full life why is it that many of the people in Hollywood who have received the world's full life have some of the most empty lives on the planet? Why are they searching through exotic religions to find something that they can claim as a full life? Have you ever seen one of them who have found this full life in any of these religions?

Let's take a different approach. A creator makes something for a purpose. Architects, poets, authors, painters, sculptors and anyone who creates has a purpose for his or her creation. Some times it is to please someone else. Sometimes it is to please the creator. Each creation has a purpose.

Our purpose is to know God and enjoy Him forever. He created us so that He would enjoy us forever. Making anything else your primary purpose will drain the life out of you. God is the giver of life. Jesus said that He came to give us an abundant (full) life. Our lives will never be filled by artificial means. We must have an authentic life built around knowing and enjoying God. So, how do we do that?

Three verbs can give you all that you need to remember to have a full life: Worship, Grow, Serve. The full life if found by doing these for the glory of the Creator. It is through these that we know Him and enjoy Him.

Worship is loving "on" God. It is knowing His presence and loving Him with your whole heart, mind, soul and strength. It is found in obedience to what He has said. You do what He says and your love for Him grows.

Growing is becoming more like Christ. It means you know God's word, the Bible. You study it and discuss it with others. You sometimes experience it in something called a worship service. This is a meeting where believers and others gather to get closer to Him. They sing His truth. They tell of what He is doing in their lives. They grow in their faith. They listen to the His word. They become more like Christ because they allow His Spirit to dwell and reign in them. It moves them to serve.

Serving is becoming the hands and feet of Jesus on this planet. You become His voice. You bring His presence to the world. You love on people to let them know that God loves them. You meet their needs and tell them of the hope that is within you. You present the full life to the world so that others will see that you truly possess it and want to share it with you.

These three things can be done without regard to your occupation (unless your occupation is actually a violation of who God is). You can have a full life if you want it. You have to drop the world's facade and accept the truth. You have to stop filling your life with things that only appear to fill your life. You have to stop and ask yourself where you are right now and whether or not you want things to get better.

So, you tell me that you already know all of this. Are you living a full life right now? If so, praise God. If not, why not?

Go read Revelation 3:20. You will find Jesus knocking at your door so that He can have fellowship with you. That fellowship will give you a full life.

I meant it! Go read it right now! Can you hear His voice?

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