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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You Can't Get to Where You Want to Go by Driving the Wrong Direction

It is a well known fact that many men have a hard time asking for directions. We hate to depend upon someone telling us how to get where we want to go. Often we will travel the wrong direction for a long time before we will either find our way or break down and ask for directions. A lot of time is wasted because we will not humble ourselves for directions.

That doesn't change the inescapable fact that you can't get where you want to go by driving the wrong direction. Driving faster won't do it. Ignoring the signs won't do it.

Many people have good goals but are going the wrong way. They want a good marriage, honorable children, a nice home, a meaningful job and an authentic faith. They want these things but they fail to work for them.

You can't have a good marriage if you don't work at it. You can't treat each other with hatefully and hope that love will grow. You can't be untrustworthy and hope that trust will grow. You can't be selfish and hope the other person knows how much you will sacrifice for him or her.

You will not have any of your goals if you neglect your children, your home, your job or your faith. You will be a victim of the circumstances that you created.

Going the wrong direction part of the time means you will take longer to get to your destination. Getting somewhere quickly depends upon going the right direction all of the time. It means that these goals must be worked on every day. You neglect your home for any period of time and it gets to be a mess. You neglect your marriage, kids, job or faith and they will also become a mess.

It would be different if we didn't know what to do. We do. We know but doing what we know we must do takes work. It takes more effort than not doing it. However, the result is like the people who neglect changing the oil in their cars. The neglect costs them a whole lot more later.

So, work on your marriage, your kids, your home, your job and your faith. You will find you will arrive where you would really like to be.

There is no better day to start or continue to do this than today.


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