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Monday, May 4, 2009

Are We a Nation of Sick People?

It seems that every sin has turned into an illness or addiction. Gluttony has become a food addiction. Tardiness is a brain disorder. Laziness comes from chemical imbalances.

We seem to blame our own actions on something else. We cry out, "It's not my fault!" Even criminal defenses are formed upon the claim that something or someone made the defendant commit the crime. They say, "Whatever happened it was not really me who did it."

I have a tendency to overeat. Does that mean I can excuse my weight as something I have no control over? I don't think so. I must own my problem if I am ever going to do something about it. I struggle to stop eating but I must do so if I am to take control of my problem.

No one should deny that the exposure to violent behavior makes people more likely to be violent. However, this cannot be an excuse for violence. You can control what you are doing. The first step is to admit that it is your problem and you can do something about it.

People should not deny that some get addicted to drugs or alcohol. Yet, all should agree that the only way to control the problem is to seek help and make the decision that victory over this problem is the only option.

I have a solution to help us get beyond claiming each sin is a disease. First, find someone to whom you will become accountable. You give them the authority to tell you when you are stepping out of line and they give you the ability to call them any time you are feeling a weakness toward your problem. Second, you commit to make contact with this person each day to report how you are doing. Third, you commit to them and yourself that you will be totally honest about temptations and failures. Fourth, have prayer with this person by phone if not in person each day. Fifth, keep telling yourself that God will strengthen you to defeat this demon. Sixth, declare victory each day you are victorious. Share that with your accountability partner. Seventh, make a point of expanding your circle of influence. Tell others what you have done and offer to become their accountability partner.

Above all, quit giving yourself an excuse for failure. We do have control. If not my our own might we can turn this over to God who will allow us to do all things through His strength.

I will weigh each day. I will report my progress daily. You will notice that a number at the end of each blog. I will not explain what that number means again. It is my weight for that day. In this way, I will be accountable to everyone who reads this blog. Please feel free to comment or email me when you see that I am either not reporting my weight or I am gaining weight.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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