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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Is a Very Special Day

I liked the movie Chariots of Fire. One main character, who played the real-life missionary Eric Liddell, was a phenomenal runner. He was entered into a race held on a Sunday. He did not run in it because he held the day with a special honor. I liked his sentiment but disagreed with his premise. Sunday is a very special day but not one which prohibits physical exercise.

I ride my bicycle to church every Sunday (unless providentially hindered by the weather). I do not see myself as "working" on Sunday because of this physical exercise. The ride lets me think through my sermon. It prepares my heart for corporate worship. It relaxes me.

Sunday is a very special day. I arrive at the church a couple of hours before the first worship service. I pray and work on the things necessary for the worship. I anticipate what will happen. I ask God for lives to be changed. I ask for my soul to right before Him.

I am not a great singer but I like to sing with other believers. Worshiping together does something that doesn't happen when I do so alone. There is a synergy created that does more than simply add up. I know the presence of God in a different way than when I worship alone. I see Him in other people.

I always ask God for good weather on Sunday. Good weather allows me to ride my bicycle. It encourages people to come join me in worship. Worship synergy is enhanced by the excitement of a full sanctuary. Other Christians are encouraged through this. I realize that sometimes worship is encouraging others. I can't do that if I am not in worship.

I don't believe that you must wear a coat and tie to worship. I don't even believe that you must wear your best. I believe you should respect the One you have come to worship. I would never reject anyone for shabby dress but I believe that you should show respect. I don't think any of us would wear shabby clothing to see the President. Why would we do so to see God Almighty?

The songs chosen in worship are not all my favorites. However, I know they do express the heart of worship. I sing each one whether I like it or not. This is not about me anyway. It is about the body of believers worshiping our Lord.

This is Sunday morning. I am still getting prepared to worship. I have a Special Guest coming today. I pray that He is pleased with me. I pray we give Him worship. I pray He works within the worship.

Sunday is a very special day.

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Royce said...

Very well said and your preperation shows in the service on Sundays. I have been a runner for over 20 years now. Not going to win any races, just trying to stay healthy. Is also a very peaceful time that I spend in prayer. My wife thinks I'm crazy when I crawl out of bed at 6am to go run down the street for miles. For me the sun is just coming up beginning a new day, there is little traffic, and usually there is little activity in general. In this time of peace I spend the time talking with God and trying to prepare myself for the day to come. I review and repent for the day before, and start the new day off fresh hoping to limit the mistakes I made in the past. Keep on pedalling.