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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is The Message of Christ False If Every Christian Is a Hypocrite?

I hear people tell me often that they don't come to church because it is full of hypocrites. Its strange that it doesn't keep them from going to sporting events which are full of hypocrites or concerts or political rallies or anything where there is a gathering of people. Each and every place you go is full of hypocrites. (Not everyone is a hypocrite but there are always hypocrites in any large crowd.)

For example, some will wear a player's jersey but neither care about the team or the player. The jersey is worn because it looks good with the jeans being worn that day. A true fan would call these people hypocrites. Yet, people are still attending the games.

The message of Christ is like a treasure map. The existence of the treasure doesn't depend on whether anyone follows the map. True, some say they follow the map when, in fact, they do not. They may be followed by others who should have followed the map rather than the people who say they are following the map.

Do you think people believe that there are no authentic people in the world? Without an authentic example people are free to choose their own morals. Their claim is that each person chooses what is right in his own eyes. That sort of chaos existed in the Bible too. It always results in the weak and/or helpless being hurt.

I fail to see the logic in rejecting church because you know some hypocrites. I am a pastor and I know some hypocrites too. It hasn't kept me from being a pastor.

There are many things I could have done that would have made more money, gotten more recognition and had a whole lot less grief. I choose to be a pastor because I was called by God to do so. He didn't call me because I am perfect. This is the journey He has chosen for me and I have agreed with Him to take this journey. I fail Him at times. He helps me up and we go forward again. This is the Christian life- falling down and getting up. It is not full of perfection but of grace and forgiveness.

Do the people who reject church because of the hypocrites live perfect lives? I don't think so. I have only met One perfect person in my life. He is my Lord.

Do these who reject church believe we are going to taint them or they us? No, I just think it is an excuse for living any way they would like. They like the justification that comes in pointing out others sins while calling the people in the church judgmental.

The message of Jesus Christ is true even if you found me to be the worst sinner alive. The message is not changed regardless of the life of the messenger.

This is not an excuse for Christians to live licentious lives. It is a recognition that Christians are on a journey. We have not arrived and others should not expect us to have arrived.

This is an invitation to join this imperfect people who follow the treasure map. We wander away from the map at times. We fall down and we are helped up.

The message is true and the journey is glorious.


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