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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Company of Superstitious Christians

Many Christians are superstitious. They prove it in many ways. They have certain rituals that they follow in order to get things from God. For example: I heard one Christian leader claim that you can get things without truly any contact with God if you simply believed it strongly enough. He said that faith made hopes real.

Did you understand what he was saying? He claims that any Christian can get anything as long as he has the belief in his heart. Doesn’t that sound like Yoda from Star Wars? Here is the claim that you can access something that God isn’t sovereign over. You have the belief like it is a incantation or a possessed ability to make things happen. This is superstition. God did not create the universe this way.

Faith does have a part in our lives but it is the faith in God. Faith is not believing that you can control God’s will by being good enough or faithful enough or possessing enough belief. Faith is resting on who God is. It is trusting in His goodness, knowledge and power. It is believing He will do what is best.

Faith requires us to believe God has done what is best even when we don’t like the results. God often allows consequences to unfold. We may pray diligently and still find things unchanged.

I prayed very hard that God would heal a good friend for a couple of years but he died earlier this year. I believed God could heal him. I prayed with that belief but he died anyway. Should I say that it was a lack of faith on my part or my friend’s part that resulted in his death? Absolutely not! God is still God. I will never be able to claim to control Him with faith, obedience, sacrifice or anything.

There are many other ways I find Christians being superstitious. There is nothing that we can do to make God love us more. There is nothing we can do to make God love us less. His love is not dependent upon our actions. He simply loves us which ,for God, is more than we can grasp.

Christians will flock to hear a Christian speaker tell them how they can get God to do things. They can be rich or healthy or important or anything that they want. They can do so by sending this speaker so much money as proof of their sincerity. What a crock!

I wonder if many Christians understand the humility and privilege of walking with God. This walk leaves the superstitions behind. It knows grace for it realizes our own sinfulness. It knows the majesty of God because it does not attempt to manipulate Him.

Do you walk with God or are you trying to lead Him? One is faith and the other is superstition.

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