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Saturday, May 30, 2009

If It Is You, Lord?

Jesus comes walking on the water toward His disciples. The wind has been blowing heavily against them. They have been rowing for hours and are only in the middle of the Sea of Galilee. They see Jesus walking on the sea and suppose Him to be a ghost.

It is amazing what a voice can do for He merely identifies Himself with, "It is I." Yet, this is not enough for Simon Peter. the disciple who seems to want to prove himself. He says, "If it is you, command me to come to you on the water." I must admit, I don't believe I would ever have thought of my own walking on water as a proof of who was walking on the water.

The one word command, "Come," sends Peter's legs over the side of the boat. He began to walk on the water!

I have reflected on this passage many times. Peter asked Jesus for a command to do what Jesus was doing. The first step on walking on water must be seeing what the Lord is already doing. I think so many Christians are rowing their boats so hard they can't see what the Lord is doing. He was also crossing the sea but was using a different mode of transportation. I must see where the Lord is working if I want to join Him.

Now comes the really scary part for you could drown if you don' t listen carefully. You ask to join Him and you wait for His command. If it is the Lord, He will command you to join Him. Getting out of the boat will be disastrous if it is something that is created by mankind or your own imagination. You need a clear word from the Lord if you are going to join Him.

Every person in the boat with Simon Peter had to know that getting out of the boat in rough seas would make rescue almost impossible. Yet, Simon Peter let go of the boat, his safety net because of the command of His Lord. The command of the Lord will not allow you to hold on to the safety of this world.

Fear will become reality if you let it. Simon Peter saw the wind and the waves. He knew that he couldn't walk on water. He forgot about the command of the Lord and wanted to be back in the boat. His fear moved his focus to the sea and away from going toward Jesus. He sank because he forgot who commanded him.

Finally, Peter cried out to the only One who could save him. Jesus caught Peter with His hand. Peter had traveled some distance before he became so afraid. My question was not, "Why did you doubt?" but, "Why did you doubt, now?" He was so close to completing his walk.

I have seen people who walked with the Lord in miraculous ways lose the faith that they once had. The Lord allowed them to do what seemed miraculous but they depend upon man's efforts and strengths today. They don't notice what the Lord is doing and they don't ask Him to command them. They are calculating and self-promoting. They no longer need Jesus to rescue them because they no longer get out of the boat.

The wind stopped when Jesus got back in the boat with Peter. There was a purpose in the wind. It tested the faith of everyone.

Are you in the boat with a bunch of sweaty guys who have been rowing for hours? Have you looked to see that the Lord is doing something miraculous nearby? Would you ask for His command to join Him? Can you say these simple words?

If it is you, Lord, command me and I will join You.

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