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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is Theology Dead?

I listen to many televangelists tell things that contradict what the Bible says. They become creative and make up "behind the scenes" stories of biblical characters. They gather large crowds, raise huge sums of money and say, "See how I live. If I wasn't right, why would God bless me with so much?" I remember that it wasn't God who offered Jesus all the wealth of the world.

These televangelists are able to get away with this mumbo-jumbo because Christians don't know any theology. They don't know what the Bible actually says. They know pieces of the Bible and accept what sounds like it is biblical. Do you remember when many recording artist sang We Are the World? There was a line in the song that said that Jesus had turned the stones to bread. If you read the Bible you will find that the devil tempted Jesus to turn stones into bread. He didn't actually make stones into bread. Yet, the larger community said nothing because they knew a little Bible and this sounded like Bible.

I discovered why preachers don't teach theology several years ago. I started teaching it and found that theology disturbed people. They liked believing the televangelists who told interesting stories of how God would make them healthy, wealthy and wise. Theology showed the errors in this thinking. Theology made God the center of all things. Much of what is said from televangelists makes man the center of all things.

Sound teaching seems to be out while sensational stories seem to be in. People will flock to hear the story of someone's "miracle" while they stay at home when someone teaches a solid truth from the Bible. They don't endure sound teaching but seek to have their ears tickled. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised since the Bible actually said this would happen.

Will Christians wake up and return to the Bible? I wonder. I know that we will never have a spiritual awakening with sleeping Christians. I know that following false teaching will never lead us to a spiritual awakening. I believe that false teaching is part of spiritual warfare. I believe that Christians must recognize this false teaching.

They will never be able to do so getting all of their teaching from others. They must open their own Bibles and be ready with an answer for anyone who asks them of the hope that is within them. They must become approved workmen who are not ashamed of their faith. If they will remain in God's word they will know the truth and the truth will set them free. They will be free from false teaching and truly know God.

Theology is dead to those who wish to feed from the table of others. It is not dead for those who will open their own Bibles daily. It will be taught directly by the Holy Spirit to those who will read God's Word honestly. Those who will seek God through His Word will find Him.

A televangelist once said that God used faith to create the world. He said that God accessed this faith and that you could have it to. Do you see the error?



Royce said...

I stick to Charles Stanley on TV. Would like to know your opinion of Dr. James MacDonald as I listen to him on the radio. If I happen to miss his message it is available on his web site the same day. He is quite a dynamic speaker and seems to stick to scripture.

Prentis said...

Dr. Stanley is very solid. I don't know Dr. MacDonald. When is he on the radio? I'll try to catch him.