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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Truly Honor Your Mother

Not everyone had great mothers. Some did not. A small minority of people had terrible mothers. These mothers were selfish and hurtful. They may have used their children for their own benefit. But, again, this is a small minority of mothers.

The Bible tells us to honor our mothers. It doesn't distinguish between good or bad mothers. A mother produces life regardless of her qualifications of motherhood. The inception may have been unintentional but she carried the child to birth. She did not have to. This is honorable even if it is the only good thing she did for you.

Most of us had great mothers and Mother's Day reminds us of how we should honor our mothers. Here I would like to suggest some ways of honoring mothers that will be especially meaningful.

Always tell your mother that you love her. Mother's Day should not be the only day you make a call and do so. She may know how you feel but the words themselves make a difference. You cannot know how much you mean to her. Your words are special.

Show your mother that you love her. This isn't always found in gifts. Send her letters or emails throughout the year. Let her know that you are thinking of her often. Send her the funny email you received from a friend. Show her a website that you found interesting. Send her a newspaper article that deals with something she is interested in. Go see her every chance you get. These actions back up the words of love.

Live an honorable life all the days of your life and honor your mother. The true honor of a mother is a child that lives a life she can be proud of. You will always be a reflection of her. Your actions will show whether she has raised you right. No one else wants more success for you.

We honor our mothers all the days of our lives. Our mothers' deaths do not change that. We will always be our mother's child. We will always carry her teaching and care.

I asked a group of senior adults whose mothers had died to tell me of their mothers this past week. They did so gleefully. There was a joy in their hearts as they told stories of their mothers. I saw them honor their mothers one more time right in front of me. You tell others of the pride you have in your mother and you honor her. It doesn't matter if she ever knows.

Honor your mother in special ways this Mother's Day. Call her, send her gifts, take her to lunch or simply thank God for her if she has passed away. Tell a story about your mother to others.

Honor her Mother's Day but don't let that be the only day. Honor her all the days of your life.


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