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Friday, May 29, 2009

Are Things as Bad as You Say They Are?

I have seen many people wag their heads and say, "Things are really bad." Are they as bad as we say they are or are we making things as bad as we say they are?

We don't invest if we say things are bad. Therefore, companies don't have the money to build new plants or start new product lines. Therefore lots of people lose their jobs. We don't buy if we say things are bad. Therefore, the car companies have thousands of cars sitting on lots unsold. Therefore automakers go out of business and lots of people lose their jobs. We don't take vacations if we say things are bad. Therefore, hotels stay vacant and the hotel and restaurant businesses suffer. Yes, and people lose their jobs.

It seems that we make our own reality. Things become bad if a majority of the people say things are bad. Things will continue to get worse until we say something different.

Now, I don't want people to become pollyannas. We don't simply say things are good when they are not. We must see the things that are true and exclaim them loudly. We must believe them wholeheartedly. What are those things?

God is still on His throne in heaven. He has not lost control. He is not worried about the economy. He has a way of bringing the current situation to something good. He is still sovereign. We can still trust Him.

God is still omniscient. He knows everyone's situation. He knows where each family is with their bills. He knows where the next payment is. He knows what we should do. We can still ask Him.

God is still omnipotent. A bad economy is not more powerful than Him. He is able to move mountains to get His people what they need. He is not scared. We can still trust that He will provide for us.

God is still righteous. His character has not changed. He will do what is best. He cannot do anything but His best because that is the nature of righteousness. Righteousness is what is right in each situation. We can still depend on Him to do what is right.

God still loves us. The current situation is no indication of God's feelings toward us. He loves us with an everlasting love. He loves us unconditionally. We can still rest in God's love.

Yes, we need to get to work and fix this economy. But I will not do so by depending upon politicians to bring me out of the muck. I will turn to my God whom I can always trust. I will turn to Him who has no changing heart to bring me through the tough times.

Things are not so bad when you consider who God is and what He will do.

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