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Monday, May 18, 2009

Recognizing God's Voice

There are lots of nuts in the world. Many of them are preachers.

They would lead you to believe that they have a hotline to God. They claim He doesn't speak to anyone like He does to them because they are anointed. This is a bunch of balony.

God speaks to those who are listening. He is not a chatterbox. He is not giving the play-by-play of each day's events in advance. He speaks at the time we need the message. He gives us messages for others at their time of need. He sets us on courses that change our lives forever.

But how do you know it is really Him you have heard and not just a little voice inside your head?

This is not the question the first time you hear God. The first time you actually hear God will be His conviction that you need His Son as Savior. You are not wondering whether this is God speaking or not. You simply have this conviction that you need Jesus to forgive your sins and you give your life to Him.

The first time is like a house on fire. No one stops to consider what they should do when the house is on fire. They don't call the neighbors and ask for advice.They don't form committees to see if there are alternatives. They call the fire department. God convicts you of your need for Christ and you don't consider the message's origin. You either run toward God and give your heart to Him or run away as fast as possible.

Later decisions often require some discernment. The best way to distinguish God's voice is the same as it is for recognizing anyone's voice. You know their voice because you have listened often.

Some people call you on the phone and simply start talking because they know you recognize their voice. I laugh when someone says, "It's me," because the statement is unnecessary if that is all the identification that is necessary. I know the voice.

I suppose that is why God never says, "This is God," when He speaks to us. He expects us to recognize His voice. We simply recognize His voice by listening often. But how do you listen often?

This is where God's word comes in. You seek to live a holy life. Part of that process is found in meditating on God's written word, the Bible. You read it and start to recognize His Word as it has been written.

Meditating on God's Word allows His Word to change who we are. We soak in it. We listen to it again and again. It becomes part of our memories. We learn and know the voice of God.

Later, we recognize God's voice when He speaks to us. We may be praying and He gives us direction or meaning to something. We may be going about our business of the day when, out of the blue, He speaks to us. Sometimes God speaks during a crisis. Sometimes He will urge us to call someone and we discover why only after the call.

Continued obedience to God's voice results in God's continued speaking. The Word of the Lord is rare when God's people are disobedient. It may be that He is still speaking but there are few that are listening. Disobedience allows the voices of the world to drown out God's voice.

I want everyone to hear the voice of God. Can you hear Him?

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