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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When The Saints Are Called Up Yonder

Earlier this morning I watched one of God's saints enter into heaven. It was very peaceful. The family was gathered around and we had a prayer that ushered her into God's presence.

Many people have asked what happens when a believer dies. They want to know if they are immediately in heaven or if they have to wait for the resurrection of the dead.

I have never been to heaven nor do I know someone who has. I have read a book (90 minutes in Heaven) of someone who gives his testimony of being in heaven but I really don't know if that is exactly what happens. His story seems so much like a dream though I can't refute it. I must rely on the Bible for my answer.

Paul says that he would be absent from the body but present with the Lord at his death. I have no reason to believe it will be different for anyone else. One moment the person is here on earth and the next they are in the presence of the Lord.

Jesus said we will not be given in marriage in heaven. This does not mean there will be frivolous relationships but that marriage will not be a part of heaven. This means our relationships will change somewhat. I take it that we will be equally related to everyone.

Jesus also says that we will be like angels. Some have taken this to mean that we will be sexless. Since there will be no marriages, there will be no sex. This means that this will be of no interest to us in heaven.

Paul tells us that the dead will arise when Jesus returns. Somehow those who are with Jesus will return with Him. They will enter resurrected bodies and will meet with Christ in the air. All who are still alive will also meet with Christ in the air. This is meant to be a comfort to those who have lost loved ones but it does not plainly tell us what will happen either. This will remain a mystery until we see it for ourselves.

God will create a new heaven and new earth because the old ones had passed away. The new heaven will have many new things which are reassuring. There will be no death, no sickness, no crying and no pain. There will be no separation from God. He will always be present and we will not need any light for He will be with us. There will be total safety and complete provision for whatever we need. All in heaven will be forgiven and no evil will be able to enter.

There is great assurance that heaven will be a wonderful place that we will enjoy forever. However, there is one thing I would have asked of God. I wish our loved ones would get one last phone call that says they arrived safely. I would love to hear, "Just waiting on you to arrive," from them. I suppose I will have to accept that our loved ones have arrived as a matter of faith.

My description of what happens when the saints die is sketchy at best. I guess I'll just have wait and see the rest.

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