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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Slavery of the Circumstance

The coach enters the locker room and the players gather together. He will give that speech that coaches give before games. It is the one that will inspire the players to play beyond themselves.

He says, "You are not my players. I inherited you from the last coach. He was a loser. You are losers, too. I don't expect any more than that from you. Remember, I am behind you even though you will lose anyway. It's not your fault. You are losers. It's not my fault either. I inherited you as players. Now, who wants to play?"

No coach in America would give that speech but I hear it often. People fall into a slavery of their circumstances. One will say, "I'm just a poor man, " and another says, "I don't have much education," and they act as if that is a great excuse for doing nothing about it.

Your present situation does not have to be your final one. I have heard some tell me that the reason they didn't get an education was because they had to go to work. There are countless people working and getting an education. They go at night and work full-time jobs during the day. It is difficult but not impossible. They have decided they will not be slaves to their circumstances.

Many people are more likely to complain about their circumstances than do anything about them. They will complain about their jobs but not look for another. They will complain about their weight but continue eating at a pace to gain weight.

Please admit one thing. You are a slave to your circumstance because it is difficult to change the circumstance. It may mean you have to ask for advise. It may mean that you have to give up television for six years so you can study to get a better education. It may mean that you have to get up early and walk several miles every day before you go to work to lose that weight.

God did not create us to be slaves. He created us to be more than conquerors. He made us to be victorious. God provided so that death itself could not conquer us. It is time we stopped believing the "we are losers" speech and become who we are intended to be.

Do you have a circumstance that has enslaved you? Isn't it time to break free? What do you need to do to be free of that circumstance?

Do it.

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