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Monday, March 30, 2009

What Is God Saying?

Many people wonder if they are created at random. They think that the conditions were just right for their birth. They, therefore, believe that they will die and nothing and soon be forgotten. Their world is only what they make of it.

I don't see things that way. I believe that each of us is a special creation. Each of us was known by God Almighty before the beginning of time. He loved us before anyone else. He has desired for us to commune with Him.

This word "commune" is not used much among people. It is more than conversation. It deals with the true deep sharing with one another. It is more than interested in the other person. It is giving yourself to that person. It is the closest relationship you can have.

God works in our lives to bring us into this communion with Him. This does not mean He causes bad things to happen so that you will seek Him but He certainly allows those things and causes good things to happen because of these bad things.

He is working all the time. He wants to you to see Him. He wants you to hear Him. He does this in every fiber of our being. If you listen you can hear Him doing so.

Years ago people had WWJD on everything they wore or drove. What would Jesus do seemed to be a great way to live your life. It did not take into account that we are not Jesus. We are not going to walk across lakes or calm the storms because of who we are or through our words. We have Jesus within us but we are not God. We realize that God can do great things through us because Jesus lives within us but not in the same manner. Jesus said we would do greater things that He. He didn't mean the same things He did.

What would Jesus, who lives within me, have me to do? This is the pertinent question of the day. It requires that communion with God to know the answer. This is when we hear the voice of God. We act according to that voice.

We act as if we give our hearts to the Lord at one time and never have to do that again. I believe that salvation is for all time but my heart is very fickle. I will need to give my heart to Him often. This can't be faked for the Lord knows my heart.

Many times God speaks to me before I re-give Him my heart. I am confused with what God says during these times. There are so many voices coming in from circumstances and the world that I don't know if it is God or not. It is like getting a call from a friend whose voice you know but can't be sure of because of all the inteference on the line. I have to step aside and profess my total allegiance to my Lord before I can hear clearly.

There are times that I don't like the voice of God. He tells me to do something that I don't want to do. This generally happens when He wants me to make things right with others. I argue with God. I have never won any of these arguements. God tells me to do these things because I cannot be close to Him while I am far away from others.

God will move heaven and earth to commune with us. I look backwards on my life and see His handiwork. These are like voice mail messages. The person has left the message in the past but you are just now hearing them.

It is in the here and now that I seek Him. It is now that I want to hear His voice.

So, I open my spiritual eyes and hear with my spiritual ears and God speaks clearly.

What is God saying? "I love you." This is the message no matter what else happens.

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