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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why Let It Rain on Sunday?

God and I have had this conversation many times. I pray for good weather on Sundays. I know a number of people will not be here if the weather is bad. Today it is as bad as it gets. It is darkly overcast with a steady cold rain. Why should it rain today? Why can't it rain tomorrow when people have to go to work. They won't sleep in from work; will they?

I have had to conclude that God has special blessings for people who make a special effort. There is a strong reason that those who attend today are here. They need to hear something, see someone or simply be affected by the fellowship of the congregation. God has a purpose in the rain even if I don't know what it is.

Today, I preach on God giving us a new heart. That seems important to me. Maybe those who wouldn't respond to this message would have distracted those who will. The church definition of success is the number of people attending. The Lord's definition was people becoming like Him through discipleship. I doubt if any articles are going to be written in state newspapers about churches who remain small but produce genuine disciples.

I will strive to be faithful. God will send those whom He will send. He will be the Lord of the Harvest. I will be His servant and friend. It's a great deal when you really think about it.

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