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Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Heart; God's Grace

I do not understand God's grace. He loves me with an everlasting love and He knows my heart. It seems these should be in opposition to each other. How can He love me when I haven't been someone who is easy to love?

I think some people have to know the answer to that question before they can receive His love. The answer will always allude us. We cannot fathom the depth of His love. We cannot understand it because it has that infinite quality that all of His characteristics have. We are finite beings and try to relate them to our own characteristics. It just doesn't work.

The fact that I don't understand something doesn't mean that I can't accept it. I don't understand the program that allows me to blog but I accept it without a lot of questions. I am glad it works.

Of course, if this program didn't work, I wouldn't be using it. I suppose that is true when I accepted God's love. If nothing had happened after I received Christ I probably would have said it didn't work. I am changed by the love of God into the likeness of His Son. It is still working that way.

So, I am grateful and accept God's love. It is all His grace. What a wonderful way to live!

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