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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Be Authentic! Go to Church

I have heard it so many times. "I can worship as well at home or by the lake just as well as I can in church." It's a crock! Quit saying this!

If that was true, why doesn't the Bible tell us to go out and worship that way? Why does the Bible tell Christians to meet together for worship? Could it be that something happens when we get together that doesn't happen when we are apart? Duh!

Corporate worship requires that we are in harmony with others. We have to sing together. We have to listen together. Synergy can happen when people do things together. Could it be that God expects more to happen in our worship when we worship together? Duh!

Coming to worship requires that we make an effort to worship. We make an effort to show up on time. We make an effort to park, walk in and find a place to sit. Could it be that God wants us to make worship something that we consciously make an effort to do? Duh!

Worship means we must get along with people. Church people aren't always the most gracious loving people you will meet all week. It means we must show grace to others when they are not as gracious to others. Could it be that God wants us to show His grace to others in order to worship? Duh!

Yes, there may be a Sunday that you go out by the lake and have a wonderful worship experience. That is the exception; not the norm. God expects you in church to worship unless you are sick, have to work or you are genuinely ministering to someone else. Anything else we tell ourselves is a crock. It doesn't matter who hurt you at church or who didn't call you or how many hypocrites exist at the church. It's not about you anyway. It's about worshiping God Almighty.

So, get up and go to church.

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