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Friday, March 6, 2009

God Has Not Forgotten You

I wondered if God had forgotten me. I was having a terrible time in the ministry. I begged God to move me to a new church. I prayed each day. I told Him that I could not make it one more day. Of course, I said the same thing the next day.

I tried blackmail when begging didn't work. I told God that I would leave the ministry if He didn't give me what I needed. I told Him that I would not serve Him again. I told Him that I would forget Him. He told me that He could do all that He was doing through me with someone else but that I could not do anything without Him.

Bargaining came after the blackmail. I told God all of the things that I would do for Him if He would move me. I said I would love more and give better and forgive all and anything else that was more than anyone else. He told me that all He wanted me to do was be obedient to Him. There is no way to do more.

So, I waited. I prayed. I told Him I knew He love me. I told Him that He had the right timing in mind. I grew closer to Him than I ever had before. I learned more about forgiveness and love than I have ever learned before. I began to understand patience. I loved God with a greater love.

I cannot say that I love those times when I have thought that God has forgotten me. I don't like pain. Who really does? I do love what God does with me during these times.

God hadn't forgotten me. He was growing me in a way that I would never have grown if I had not gone through the tough time. I am sure that every time I wept through the crisis that He wept with me. He didn't enjoy sending me through this time. He knew it was necessary.

I was moved at the right time to the right church. I praised God for the move. I praise Him more for the changes in my life.

You may be going through an extremely tough time right now. I am one who knows what you are feeling. God has not forgotten you any more than He had forgotten me. At the right time (not our time but His time) He will deliver you.

Would you send this blog to someone you know who is going through a tough time? They need to know God hasn't forgotten them either.


AV said...

I don't only feel pain... I feel scared, nervous... I feel like if something doesn't happen soon it will be too late... I do believe that God will do what's best for me... It might just be impatience...I feel like I have succumbed to it...

Prentis said...

Watch closely. God is putting people around you for help. Fear is the lack of trust. You can trust that He is working on your situation right now.