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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

God Is Still God

It seems that the whole world has gone crazy. The United States is borrowing vast amounts of money from China. This will effectively cause the US to be silent about human rights violations. The Bible says that the debtor becomes a slave to the lender. Therefore, China can tell us to be quiet and can demand a universal currency to replace the US dollar. They have concluded that the US will print money soon to pay off her debts in inflated dollars. A one world currency would prevent this. (Sounds like something you would read in the book of Revelation?) China is a step ahead.

North Korea is threatening to launch a rocket that can hit the US. No country threatens when it believes the other country is strong. The North Koreans evidently think that the leadership will not respond. They understand that they can get other nations involved in any conflict between the US and their poor country.

Iran, who has hated the US ever since putting the Shah in power, is making weapons grade uranium. Their most likely target is Israel. Any war with Israel will unite the Arab nations because they perceive that the US will not support Israel as before.

It seems that our enemies are everywhere. Yet, our military is strong. The enemies must believe we do not have the resolve to defend ourselves. They must believe that we do not have convictions that will compel us to act.

America is creating a deficit that cannot be repaid. The Bible says that the wicked borrow and do not repay. The interest on this debt will increase the taxes on every American so that the middle class will be bankrupt. The current tax code supports the very rich (I know the rich pay most of the countries taxes but it does not bite into their essentials. The middle class pays their taxes from the essentials.) and does not affect the very poor. This eliminates the middle class.

We are heading toward a nationalized health care. This is a disaster in other countries. There is a group that decides when you get treatment and what treatment you can get. However, this will solve the problem with Social Security. These bureaucrats will probably decide that the old were going to die anyway and deny treatment. (Since abortions are done by the millions, we have proved that we do not value life. It makes sense that the very young and very old will be sacrificed when life is not valued.) Thus, we will not have to keep paying their Social Security benefits.

So, we need some good news. I was reading in Revelation this morning. It said that there is a throne standing in heaven and One sitting on the throne. This means He is still in control. He is not bothered by the events of today. He knows what will happen and He has already acted to make good come out of the bad.

My reaction is one of awe and commitment. I reaffirm my commitment to God. I call Him my hope rather than politicians, the economy or even my country. He is my Lord and I obey Him. I receive the sunshine and the rain as others but I also know He will be my provider. I read the news but know that He is the one who directs my path.

In these turbulent times we must: pray for our leaders for that is a mandate from God, seek God wholeheartedly for we will find Him in the darkest of nights, call Him the great "I AM" for He always is and depend upon Him for He is the One who loves us with an everlasting love.

God is still God no matter what.

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