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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just How Much Jesus Do You Want?

I have been reading the story of Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem. There were people cutting palm branches and waving them, people singing and people throwing their clothing on the road before Him. They appear to have given their souls to Him. Where were these people on Friday of that week?

I suspect they only wanted a certain aspect of Jesus. Maybe some wanted Him to be the one who fed them as He did a couple of times. Maybe some wanted Him to bring Israel back to an independent country status. Maybe some of them wanted Him to heal. Some may have just liked being around a rock star.

They didn't really want Jesus. They just wanted a part of Jesus. They wanted the part that they liked. If they wanted all of Him they would have been committed. Even His own disciples didn't get it. Though they had been told, they didn't get the whole story.

This isn't our case. We have the whole story. We have heard the story of the resurrection. We have understood that trust in Him brings eternal life. We have heard His call to be totally committed to Him to the point of Him being more important than anything or anyone else we have in our lives.

So, do you want all of Jesus or just the part you like? Before you answer you should know what you are saying. If you want all of Jesus it will take all of you. It will mean that you will not refuse anything He asks of you. You will obey if He asks you to go to the farthest point in the earth to tell one person about Him. You will obey even if you will live out your life in obscurity. You will obey if He asks you to sell your business and give it to the poor. You will obey if He asks you to follow Him into something that will lead you to become a martyr.

Can you say that you are already seeking Jesus wholeheartedly? Does your giving reflect this? Does your serving reflect it? Do you spend time with Him daily? Does your loving of others reflect it? You only want a part of Jesus if you have set limits in your obedience to Him.

Just how much of Jesus do you want?

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Ammie said...

Wow, again some food not only for thought, but serious action to take. God knows why I landed on this page tonight.

Bless you Lord.