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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Look Where You Are Going; Know Where You Have Been

We spend a lot of time fixing blame on why things are the way they are. We need to know why but some of the myopic details need less attention. You can study your past until you don't do anything but study your past. You can fix blame until you have destroyed yourself or those around you. You can blame so many things in your past that you have no responsibility for the future.

Find out what went wrong. Determine what it takes to set things right. Then, go for it. This is where we need to spend our efforts. For example, if I am in deep financial problems I need to know how I got there. Was it because of spending with credit cards when I didn't have the money in the bank? Was it because of unexpected bills like a car repair or health issue? Did the interest rate on the house go up steeply?

How will I get out of this problem? Maybe my solution is no more eating out until the bill is paid. Maybe I need to look at my total bills and cut back. Maybe I need to take my credit cards and bake them in the oven. You have to know that there is a solution and that this solution will solve the problem. You can't just wring your hands and say, " O my goodness, O my goodness!"

Know where you would like to be. If you would like to be debt free, physically in shape, growing in the Lord and the best spouse you can be, ask yourself what it will take to get you there. Then, ask yourself a much more important question: Am I realistically willing to do what it takes? If the answer is no then you have made the decision to stay exactly where you are. If the answer is yes then you need a plan.

You know how you got where you are. You must change that in order to get where you want to be. You can't expect to keep doing what you are doing and get a different result. That's just plain crazy!

Schedule what you need to do. Exercise daily at a time set aside for exercise. Read your Bible and pray daily at a time set aside. Even make your lunch before going to work if you are trying to save money. This takes setting aside the time to make the lunch.

Keep doing the right things until they become habits. After they are habits keep doing the right things like with fervor or else they will stop being habits. Lots of people are great starters. They stop smoking every day but start the very next time they need cigarettes. They start an exercise program but quit when they get sore. They start a diet but quit when the opportunity to blow it comes up. They will get up early one morning to read their Bibles and pray but stop the very next morning because a good movie on tv kept them up late. You have to see where you are going and keep going there or you will never arrive.

Do what you need to do until you are tired of doing it. Then, keep doing it and you will find yourself where you would like to be. Time, effort, determination and a plan will do more for you than just determining how you got where you are right now.

Remember, God will be right there with you. Never, never forget that.

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