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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do You Call Him Lord Jesus?

There are many reasons to go to church today. It could be good for business. It may be that you or someone you love needs healing. Your preacher may be a good speaker and always keeps your attention. You may need to go because you need some place to find hope. These are not exhaustive reasons but they are reasons that many go to church on Sundays.

Today I will not ask you to go to church. I will ask you if you call Jesus "Lord."

Maybe you have never thought of this. Calling Him "Lord" means that you are totally devoted to Him. You hold nothing back. You make no excuses for the things He tells you. It means you give like He owns you. It means that you serve without reservation. It means that you are not trying to protect your time from Him but you are giving Him all of your time. It means that each word you speak is meant to be pleasing to Him first.

I sometimes think we have lost the meaning of "Lord" in our American culture. We speak so much about freedom without understanding what it means. We think we should be free to be rude or stingy or greedy or any number of vices. We think we should be able to do whatever we want as long as we don't get caught.

We fail to see true freedom. For example, marriage allows us the freedom to act in the marriage relationship. Merely living together is not freedom. Freedom requires commitment. The first Americans understood that clearly.

The Bible says that we are under bondage to our sin before we come to Christ. It has a control over us. Christ frees us from that bondage. We should not go back to it. Yet, people sometimes think they are free by acting in sin. Then, why do the alcoholics I know fail to see their freedom when they drink?

Jesus said that if we remained in His word that we were truly His disciples. He said we would know the truth and the truth would set us free. So, when we are obedient to what He has said, the truth is revealed and we are free.

This makes no sense to those who would not call Jesus Lord. They think it is just the opposite. If He is truly your Lord, you know the truth and you are free. If not, you don't understand this blog at all.

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Royce said...

You were spot on Sunday. Your message not only reached the adults, it reached both my daughters. The "text" format was also a very unique approach.