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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Waiting on the Holy Spirit

After the resurrection, Jesus told His disciples to "stay in the city (Jerusalem) until you have been clothed with power from on high." The early church would have no power until she had God's power. Where is that power of the Holy Spirit today?

He is rarely presented as the One whom we should wait on. He presence is demanded or forgotten. His power is misrepresented or ignored. We do not wait upon Him for a word or the power to do most of what we do. We make our plans and ask for His blessing rather than ask for His plans and give our blessing.

I wondered as I prepared this, "Would I wait upon the Holy Spirit if He would do a small work in me?" If I will not wait upon Him for something small, I doubt I will wait upon Him for something big. I have no idea what is small or big. I don't think God has that distinction in the things that He does. It takes no more effort for Him to do either.

Waiting on the Holy Spirit is difficult when there are people demanding that you do something. Surely, you don't need to wait to call the Fire Department if your church or house is on fire but many of the decisions in our lives are not as clear cut. Many times we need a word from Him.

I think we are like Saul who offered the sacrifice before Samuel arrived. (1 Samuel 13:9) Saul looked at the circumstances and thought he couldn't wait any longer. He told Samuel that he forced himself to offer the sacrifice because the Philistines were ready for was and his own troops were abandoning the army. The circumstances really don't matter if you have God's power. Saul hadn't learned this and we haven't either.

Do you need a word from God concerning a decision that you must make? Are you willing to wait upon the Holy Spirit to deliver this word? Are you willing to step forward with whatever that word is to rest in His power to accomplish His will for your life?

Answer these questions carefully. The answers and actions that follow will make all the difference.

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