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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Have You Kissed Any Frogs Today?

You have probably watched the video of Susan Boyle astounding the judges of "Britain's Got Talent." No one expected much. She didn't have the look of a performer. Yet, when she opened her mouth the whole world noticed the beauty behind the facade. She told the world she had never been kissed. I think the world is now giving her that kiss which has long eluded her.

I was never one for fairy tales. However, one memorable tale is when a princess kisses a frog who turns into a prince. Actually, he was a prince all along. He was cursed by a witch or a wizard-- honestly I forget the details. The kiss released him from the curse.

How do you know that the frog you are kissing is a prince in disguise? How do you know when a rather plain looking woman will thrill the world with the voice of an angel?

You don't. I guess the only solution is to kiss a lot of frogs.

Maybe you are a frog yourself. I want you to know your value to God. Be encouraged even if the world never notices you. You have the kiss of God upon you.

There are people around us every day who need a kiss. That kiss may take the form of a compliment or a word of encouragement. You can change a person's whole day with a little encouragement. Enough encouragement and we could change the whole world. There would be so many more princes (and princesses) if we would take the time to kiss a frog every day.

Look around you. Go kiss the first frog you see.

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