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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why Should We Listen to Hollywood?

I don't know what it is like to be famous. I'll bet its not as glamorous as we would think. You probably get isolated with other famous people who think like you. Maybe you want to make your mark on the world and realize that entertainment isn't really making that impact.

Many of the people in Hollywood take up causes. They have the money and fame to do so. They even have the time. They work very hard when they have a project to complete but many of them get in trouble when idle. Taking up a cause may be therapy to them.

Their own personal decisions in their causes are none of my business. Whether I should listen to them is. I have to discern whether or not this is a valid cause. Their money and fame has nothing to do with validity. I have to determine whether or not they are worthy of a hearing.

Many of them have not managed their personal lives very well. They have been married more times than a Tom cat. They have wasted a great deal of their money. Many times they expect me to contribute out of my essential money to pay for a cause that they contribute from their discretionary money. In other words, their lifestyles are not changing one bit because of their cause. I have to wonder how committed they really are. They change partners when its convenient and give to causes when its convenient. It this just a cause that's convenient?

They have not always made good decisions in their project choices. Some of their movies will cause young people to want to emulate the character in that movie. These characters have changed right to wrong and wrong to right. Sex before marriage in movies is natural and right. Sex after marriage is the deviant act in a movie.

Some of the movies they are in are horrible. They didn't know that before they agreed to act in it. Either their agent or they decided this would be good for their career. It wasn't. This makes me question the cause they promote. If they didn't know the movie they chose was going to be bad, why should I believe the cause they choose to promote is going to be good? It may be good but I can't give the people in Hollywood a pass simply because they are rich and famous.

I have to ask if I believe the person really cares about the cause they are supporting. It could be a good way to get themselves in the news. A fading career may need a boost. Trying to be remembered when people are forgetting who you are may be a great reason to take up a cause. Remember they are actors. They can sound very sincere. That's what they do when they are working.

As for me, I would rather listen to a Mother Theresa when it comes to a cause. She laid down her life for what she believed. Her whole life reflected this. She sacrificed to live it- it was never out of excess. She was consistent. She never pretended. She wasn't looking for fame or money and it wasn't fame or money that made us notice her.

Should we listen to Hollywood? Maybe, but is should never be because they are Hollywood. The cause needs to stand on its on. Do the research before agreeing with someone famous.

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