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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Created for Something Great

So, you are born, go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, raise the kids, educate the kids, work some more, play with the grandkids, retire and die. Have you ever thought that there has to be more to life than this? Have you ever thought that you were created for something great?

You were created to live forever. Forever, however, comes with transitions. You were in your mother's womb. It seemed to be a nice place. It had all you ever needed but you were ejected from that place to live in this world. You got used to this world. It seemed to be a place you would like to hold onto. But, someday you will be ejected from this world, too.

This world is very important. It is in this world that you make a difference in your next place. If you trust in Jesus, you will go to heaven. You will live forever with God. Yes, but God never intended His people to merely wait until they would be with Him in heaven. He expected us to be different and make a difference in other people's lives so that heaven would be full of these different people.

I thoroughly believe that God wants me to love people into His kingdom. I have tried the confrontational evangelism plans for years and found that more people are loved into the kingdom than taught or sales-talked into the kingdom. I taught several of these programs for years. I have gone door-to-door innumerable times spreading the gospel. Yet, my greatest success in seeing people come to Christ is through loving people into the kingdom.

Jesus seemed to spend a lot of time telling His disciples that they needed to love one another. He seemed to spend a lot of time talking about His' and His Father's love for people. He speaks of greatness as one who is the servant of all. He speaks of no greater love than laying down your life for your friends.

We often define greatness in power, fame and money. This is not God's definition. God defines greatness in sacrifice, love and service. This means that the greatest in the kingdom of heaven may be the grandmother who has loved her family so well that they all know Christ and serve Him. It may be the janitor of the school who serves the people at the school as if he is serving Christ. His impact will be greater than the billionaire. His effectiveness will last forever.

Yes, we are all created for something great. We have to put down everything this world calls great in order to truly be great.

Today, I make the decision to be great. Today, I decide I will love people. Today, will make a difference in forever.

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