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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And the Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth

I am amazed at the computer geeks. They seem to have figured out everything about everything.

I recently bought some software that was priced lower than I could get it anywhere else. I wanted to know if it was pirated. I don't want to steal, even from Microsoft, so I checked the legitimacy of the license.

I googled my concern and got several websites which told me how to fake the license so that I could use pirated software. Some even had freeware programs written so that a new license number could be generated to allow the software to receive updates as if it were legitimate.

I wondered, "Why do these guys do this stuff? What is in it for them?" The answer is not that they get anything out of it nor will I ever understand their motivation. They are geeks. They don't sleep, eat or converse like normal humans (normal= everyone who is not a geek). Their motivation is built within themselves.

The geeks who were left behind on the athletic field are the new super jocks of the electronic world we live in. They are hacking everything that has to do with zeros and ones. They are manipulating the world to revolve around themselves. They are so far ahead of the normals that we don't have any idea what they have done nor how they did it. Some times we can't even see the purpose in doing what they have done. Didn't I say they were geeks?

The world is going to the geeks. Some day we will have a geek president. He will speak to the geek nation who will understand his language. The rest of us will be put in nursing homes which will be self maintained by software and hardware created by geeks. So, I guess I had better start being nice to the geeks now!

The geek president will say, "00011010001001001!

And the people will respond, "00011010001001001!

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