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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Real Trouble in Our Nation

We have been in trouble for a long time. We may not have recognized it. We assume that our present troubles were created recently. They were not. They have been brewing for some time.

We have a media that wants to make an impact rather than report genuine news. They report on science and politics as if they know the answers. They do not. They are alarmists who create their own jobs. They do well when there are disasters to report. They are creating disasters today by their reporting. They have had charge of most people's information for a long time. Thankfully, that is changing.

We have politicians whose main concern is staying in office. They have learned that votes are gathered in when you give away money. They do so with pork barrel spending. They will bankrupt the country but stay in office for a long time. Meanwhile, they all somehow make a fortune while in the people's service. It is up to us to vote those porkers out of office.

We have an electorate who does not care about the future. They only see today. They look at hair styles more than policy statements. They listen to their friends and do what is popular rather than what is right. They come to vote because it was in vogue rather than they really knew anything about the policies of the candidates they voted for. They don't even listen to then news. I doubt if they will vote in the next election unless a crisis is created.

We have a people who do not do their own research. They accept things because there is a preponderance of reporting. They do not notice that the reports are copied from each other. They accept things as science which are really more about politics. They are blindly led by the blind to the cliffs of disaster. They prove that you can make a statement enough times so that it will be accepted as fact. They repeat it themselves. They can't imagine that they have been listening to junk-science.

We have a people who gather around others who believe just like them. This makes them believe that everyone believes this way. It makes them believe that anyone who doesn't believe this is just plain crazy or possibly evil. They are angered at any opposition to their paradigms of the way things are.

The real trouble in our nation is that we are not a nation of thinkers. We need to do our own research about everything we have heard. We need to check out every email we receive to see if it is true. We need to ask ourselves why the news is reported as it is. We need to question things without simply accepting them. We need to listen to opposing viewpoints. We need to ask ourselves what the next step will be if we take the step right in front of us.

If we don't do these things, the real trouble in our nation will be our future.

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