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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Do I Really Love Jesus?

I wanted to write whether you loved Jesus but that wouldn't do. I must ask this question of myself. There are several qualifications of a revealing love. I don't have love if I don't have them. I'll use the example of my relationship with my wife to see if I have true love.

Love must be expressed in a way that reveals love to the individual. I may wash my wife's car every Saturday to express my love for her. She may not see it as love because I have gotten us deep in debt and taken away her security. In fact, she may know that the car is about to be repossessed because of my irresponsible behavior. I washed the car. "So what?!" she replies.

The expression of love must be consistent. I can't be faithful to my wife on everyday but Saturdays and say that I really love her. The fact that this is a majority of the time makes no difference to her. The pain I cause will negate all the other expressions of love

Real love is always getting deeper. This comes from knowing the other person more. I know that my wife doesn't like for me to surprise her. She likes to get used to an idea even if it is one that will take a long time to accomplish. I know that I shouldn't take her to certain restaurants. She can't stand exotic foods. I know that I need to do certain things around the house that make her feel loved. Love gets deeper in its expression. Commitment grows. Obligation grows too.

Real love takes time. You want to spend time with your wife if you love her. This is something that you do together. It involved communication. That means both of you talk and listen. It means celebration. You celebrate the moments because they are precious.

Jesus said that we should do what He told us to if we love Him. That should be consistent. It should take time. It is not always convenient. It is done together with Him. It is celebrating the relationship.

Do I really love Jesus? I want to say so but I must admit honestly, I am still working on it.

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