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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Life Is Precious; Don't Waste It

Two of my best friends in all the world both got colon cancer under the age of 50. The first's colon perforated from the cancer. He had surgery to remove about a foot of the colon and went through chemotherapy. He went skiing with one of his daughters last week.

The second's cancer was discovered after it had metastasized into his liver. He went through chemotherapy, too. His name is Doug. He died yesterday.

Neither of these friends' lives are wasted. They have both done amazing things for the Lord. The first has more to do. Doug completed his journey on this earth.

Doug has a heart for youth. He was more than a member in any church he attended. He was straight forward with youth and many of them will be in heaven someday because of him.

Doug has a heart for Scotland. He went on a mission trip there in the early 90's and God spoke this into Doug's heart. He led numerous mission trips to Scotland. He allowed many of them to come back to the States to live with him. I have no idea how many people from Scotland will be in heaven because of Doug.

He didn't waste his life. He lived it for the Lord. I think of the story of Enoch from Genesis 5:24. "Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away." Some have said that Enoch's walk with the Lord was so close that God said to him, "Say, it's closer to My House than it is to your's; why don't you come home with Me?"

I think that' what happened with Doug yesterday. He went home with God. He had done everything he was supposed to do.

I am not saying that doing everything you can will make you die early. I am saying that some people will have great regrets when they die because they wasted their lives. It won't be how many parties you have attended, how many fast cars you have owned, how big your house is or whether you have become famous that will make a difference. It will be what you have done with the most precious gift you have been given.

Life; make it count!

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