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Friday, February 20, 2009

Boogie Men, Monsters and Ghosts, Oh My!

We told our children that there were no boogie men. We told them that monsters did not really exist. We told them that ghosts were only their imaginations. Why did we lie to them?

Lots of people have boogie men, monsters and ghosts. They are those things that keep us awake at night. We choose not to think of them because it upsets us. We act like they don't exist and we try to keep ourselves occupied with other things. But our monsters are real.

Boogie men are those fears that would seriously upset our lives. They are the fears of losing your job or your house or anything that is precious to you.

Monsters are those problems that you truly have. It is the boss that you can't get along with. It is the debt that you can't pay. It is any seemingly unconquerable problem.

Ghosts are the things said about you that you that haunt you. Maybe a teacher called you stupid. A parent told you that you never do things right. A spouse (former) said no one could love you. You can't shake these feelings and secretly you are afraid they are correct. What do you do?

Most people are living with these boogie men, monsters and ghosts. They put up a great act in pretending that they are not there but they are bothered by these demons almost everyday. They can be defeated but it is very scary for most people. They would rather live with them rather than defeat them.

Most people are like the people of Israel cowering before Goliath. He was big and strong and had a very loud mouth. He taunted and ridiculed the army of God. Each of the soldiers thought that it would take a big soldier to defeat him. They had known about God but they really didn't believe Him to be very big. They needed a boy to defeat Goliath who had a very big God.

David saw the problem as God against this seemingly unconquerable problem. David didn't even think that it would be a close contest.

These boogie men, monsters and ghosts are coming against a child of God. You are someone He loves dearly. Do you think He would not fight for you as much as He fought for David?

David used what he had to defeat Goliath. He took five smooth stones and a sling. He ran toward Goliath. This must have shocked him because the rest of the army kept running away. David could run forward because he knew God was with him.

Do you know that God is with you too? Nothing will make Him leave your side. You will not face your problems alone.

David either knocked out or knocked down Goliath first. He ran forward and finished him off with Goliath's own sword. David would never have been able to reach Goliath's head as long as he was standing.

How can you knock down your giant? Tell the giant that he is not as big as your God! Make that giant small in comparison to the size of God.

Our boogie men, monsters and ghosts are living in our hearts. Tell them who you are. They have no place in your life. Tell God who He is. He is the Almighty. Turn these giants over to God and let Him work through you.

Remember these things:

There is nothing more powerful than God.
There is nothing which will diminish His love toward you.
He asks that you allow Him to tackle your problems.
He knows exactly what you need and what you need to do.
He will act on your behalf.

Now, rejoice for your giants are about to get what's coming to them.

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