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Friday, February 6, 2009

The End of the World

I hear that the end of the world is in sight. People continue to use scare tactics on us all to get us to do things. Don't they know that you can only "cry wolf" for so long? Eventually, there will be a real crisis and we will think it is the histrionics of a deluded media.

I understand that global warming is going to cook us all before long. (It was eighteen degrees when I got in my car this morning. I wanted a little global warming at the time.) Yet, there are many scientists who don't believe it comes from us. History records that the earth has gone through cycles for a very long time. Many scientists were telling us that we were about to enter a new ice age in the early 70's. There are scientists in Australia who have some convincing evidence that the earth has been cooling for the past ten years.

The major media seems to support the global warming idea. Politicians and many scientist are saying that there will be a total climate change by the end of the century. They are claiming that carbon emissions are the reason. How did they come to that conclusion? What about those who were claiming we were going into an ice age a few years ago? Wouldn't the increase of carbon emissions steadily cause global warming? If so, why would there be evidence of cooling up until the 70's and again now? I don't get it.

We have been warned about passing a stimulus bill. If that doesn't happen by any given date total disaster will envelope our nation. Those dates come and go and nothing happens. Yes, more people lose their jobs. More businesses are going out of business, but this stimulus bill has so much pork in it that the cholesterol build up will cause us all to have bypass surgery!

Maybe we do need a stimulus bill. Just don't try to sell it to me with scare tactics.

Over the years I have listened to the scare tactics. I was told that I shouldn't eat eggs. One more egg would take my life. Later, I am told I must eat eggs. Unless I eat an egg today, I am a goner. What am I to believe? When will I stop listening to the scare tactics?

Surely, there are times when I must listen. Yet, I wonder if I need to smell smoke if I am told that the building is on fire? The question is: Do I trust the person who is telling me I need to react?

I have an absolute obligation to act if I trust the media and politicians. Their continued inaccuracies don't mean they must be wrong but it does make me check out their assertions.

God has given us a responsibility to take care of this world. We do not need to pollute it but we must also know that He has an effect on the world as well. He moves people to act responsibly. He doesn't need scare tactics to do so.

God has a love for us too. He created this world for us. He will take us through any crisis. He moves people to act responsibly. He doesn't need scare tactics to do so.

I'm sorry but I just don' t believe its the end of the world. I believe that tomorrow God will be in heaven. He will not have gotten up from His throne. He will still know everything and have the ability to change anything. He will still be loving and calling people into action.

So, be responsible. Listen to God. Do what He asks. And don't worry- Yes, He told us that too.

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