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Saturday, June 20, 2009

You Can't Do It All

Someone calls you from the church. They say, "Hi, my name is Carol Johanenson at the Church of the Rock that Doesn't Roll. The committee I serve on, the 'Get Breathing People to Serve' Committee, thought you would be perfect to work with our Seventh Grade boys. You know, the ones that tore down the Family Life Center? Well, we thought you would be great. We have already asked everyone else we know so you are our final hope. Besides, if they don't get a good Christian influence in their lives soon . . . well, you can just imagine what will happen to those boys. So, can I put you down for a 'yes'?"

Yes, you can imagine what those boys will turn into if they don't get a Christian influence. Yes, you realize that if they are calling you that they are really at the end of their list. But, no, you are neither gifted nor called to work in this area. You must decline if you want to give a godly answer.

Every real need is already met by God's people. He has already called someone who will fill every position. This means that either the committee hasn't listened to God and has failed to ask this person or this person is disobedient to God's will and has declined. Two people will be disobedient to God's calling if you commit to this responsibility and you know you are not the one God has prepared.

God gave gifts to His Church so that the members would need each other. He didn't call an elite force that can do everything. Often churches make the mistake in thinking that the pastor is gifted to do it all. They want an excellent preacher, administrator, counselor and pastor. He may not be so gifted and the church should recognize this when they call staff. He can't do it all any more than any other person in the church.

One of the great faults of the Church is putting people in positions they are not qualified for and then leaving them there until their inadequacies become a crisis. It creates an atmosphere for failure. People are less likely to agree to something they may be called into after having such a bad experience.

On the other hand, a negative answer should never be given without going to God first. Each person should say, "God, do you want me to do this?" Your ability will not matter. God will give you the gifts necessary to accomplish any task He has called you to. Remember, Moses didn't think he could do what God wanted him to do either but God's calling enabled Moses to do what Moses considered impossible.

Sometimes a negative answer is the godly answer. However, remember that God is calling you to something. You cannot be in God's will and never serve Him.

You need to know what He hasn't and has called you to. So, what is it?

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