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Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Message to Fathers

Today I will preach a message to fathers. It is expected since it is Father's Day. I choose the passage of the Prodigal Son. Of course, the father in this story represents God. He gives the best example for fathers to follow. My points in a nutshell are:

1. A Father's Heart Should Be Vulnerable. The son asked for his father's inheritance while the father was still alive. The son only saw his father as a means to the end.
2. A Father's Heart Should Be Fair. He divided the inheritance between both sons even though the older one had not asked him to.
3. A Father's Heart Should be Freeing. The son left. The father had to know that was coming.
4. A Father's Heart Should be Hoping. He kept waiting and looking for his son to come home.
5. A Father's Heart Should be Forgiving. The son kept trying to ask for forgiveness but the father had already forgiven.
6. A Father's Heart Should Be Restoring. The father calls for the robe, ring and sandals. He restores him as a son.
7. A Father's Heart Should be Giving. The father owed nothing to the son since the son had already taken his inheritance. All the son could now receive were gifts.

God has given us the traits to be good fathers. You might want to send a copy of this to your dad if he was this type of man. It will be a good way to tell him what a good dad he is. He has the heart of a father.

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