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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Following God's Clear Instructions

Today I tackle replacing the door lock actuator on my 2003 Honda Pilot. The door quit working about ten days ago. The dealership will do it for about $500. The part is $52 and I think I can do it. I downloaded the instructions someone else gave for replacing the actuator and in a few minutes I will begin.

I diagnosed the problem by reading what others had written I read the instructions several times. I know that I can do damage to my vehicle if I don't follow these instructions. I have gone to other sources when one set of instructions seemed vague. I purchased the replacement and I believe I am ready to solve my problem.

I can try to do this without the instructions. I can deviate from the instructions if I think I have found a better way. I might even get the job done anyway. However, what are the odds?

Why doesn't that make sense to us when fixing a car but doesn't make sense when fixing problems in your own personal life. God has given us clear instructions on how we should we live our lives. We will damage things when we violate these instructions. He has given us others we can consult through other scriptures and other believers is we don't understand some of the instructions.

We can put things back together if we would simply study these instructions and follow them. Its a no-brainer. Maybe that's the real problem. We are no-brainers when we try to do it another way. Afterall, hasn't God's way always been the best way?


Scott said...

success or further damage?

Prentis said...

Yes, I installed the door lock actuator in about three hours. I could have done so in about one and a half if I hadn't also dropped a couple of screws inside the door panel. It took a long time getting them out.