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Monday, June 29, 2009

Facing the Impossible

Have you ever had a situation in which had no good solution? You knew you did not have the strength or financial resources or intelligence or manpower or whatever you needed to work out tht problem. You could see nothing but failure in front of you. What do you do?

There is only one thing in life that is final. It is death. You can come out on the other side of this terrible situation if it does not result in death. You can file bankruptcy. You find another job. You can even make your way through a terrible divorce. The situation is not impossible. It is just something that you really don't want to go through. Quit looking at this as an impossible situation.

Really pray about the situation. Most people say they do this but it is half-hearted. If the situation is that important you will fast and pray. Fasting without prayer is just going hungry. Fasting with prayer is a very powerful force. Fasting does not make God do anything. Fasting makes you remember to pray. It focuses your prayers on God's will and His solution for your situation.

A normal fast is to drink fruit juices but eat no solid food. Do not fast if you have a medical condition which fasting will you harm. God does not want you harming yourself. You can choose to fast something that does not involve food but takes your time.

Commit to praying about this until you receive an answer from God. Either it was not that serious a situation or you aren't really depending on God for an answer if you stop before you get your answer. You will not need to continue to fast after God answers.

God may give you a message before you get relief. Sometimes God assures you that He will take care of your problem. He may do this speaking directly to your spirit of He may use someone who will come to you with this answer. Regardless, you must discern whether or not it is from God. Fasting will help you do so. It clears your mind to focus on God's will.

Sometimes God simply works out your situation. It either becomes less important or it is completely solved. You may not see God's handiwork until after the crisis has passed. Looking backward is always a good way to see where God has been working. We should have some confidence in His omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence when we have seen Him work. The problem before you is no stretch of God's attributes. He is not worried about the end.

Do whatever God leads you to do. How can you expect His solution if you won't follow His leading? The best place you can be is in the middle of His will.

There is also a good ending if your impossible situation is a terminal illness. You will go to be with Him if He chooses not to heal you. How bad could that be?

I am sure that those in heaven do not look at impossible situations like we do. They simply see them as opportunities for God's work to be seen. The sooner we come to that conclusion; the better.

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Royce said...

This one hit me right between the eyes. Seems I'm fighting an uphill battle against an impossible situation. I've exhausted all options that I can think of and see no immediate solution.
I've prayed regularly every day seeking a clear path, I read scripture each morning, and spend silent time in prayer or simply saying nothing.
I believe everyone's faith gets tested. This is my time, and I will remain strong. I can't wait to look back a year from now and see how God has implemented his will.