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Friday, June 5, 2009

America: A Nation Sinking Fast

The strength of a nation is not just found in its military. It is not found in its economic strength. It is found in its principles. It is found in faith. It is found in its values.

America seems to have lost its principles, faith and values. We have pushed a burden of debt onto later generations. This is something the Bible would abhor. The Bible says that the son is not responsible for the father's sins. Yet, that seems to be what we are doing.

We have a Whitehouse website that declares this month as Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Month. Do I need to say what the Bible calls this?

We have become so dependent on foreign money that we can no longer speak to them about human rights issues. We bow to the leaders of foreign governments because we say we have acted arrogantly. These foreign governments want us to give them more of this. Their desire to humble us will become insatiable until Americans will not be safe any place in the world.

God's grace continues to amaze me. He has patiently waited for us to return to Him. It appears we are doing just the opposite at this moment. We can still act but the time is short.

I urge anyone reading this, who loves America, to consider carefully what his or her relationship is with God. I implore you to return fully to God; giving your heart totally to Him. I beg you to peacefully but emphatically say that you are not pleased with the direction of this country. I pray that you will write to government leaders and pastors that you desire that they take a stand against the invasion of immorality.

A few years ago I read a book entitled: When Nations Die. The author described ten characteristics of once mighty nations which led to their downfall. America, now, has all ten of them. I believe the time is very short. We may not cease to exist in name but we have ceased to be the America that once said, "In God We Trust."


Royce said...

Guess we might view this issue a little different. Yes some of our fine government officials and judges are making some very poor judgements and decisions. Our media also loves to blast every soap opera of some Hollywood freaks on TV every night, and yes the public seems to gobble it up. To me it is a sick form of entertainment. I do however believe that the majority of Americans still object to most of this. They don't speak out openly about it as it is not politically correct so the media jumps all over it. To me the issue remains our pathetic media which will broadcast anything freakish that creates attention. I simply choose not to watch or participate. Based on my recent travels overseas, even with the garbage we have to put up with these days, I still find America presents far stronger morals than the other countries that I have visited.

Anonymous said...

Look, just because our country appears better than others does not mean that we are. We are currentyl the King of "lovers of self" (look at the rap and pop generation). It is all about image and self worship. Government in this country is spiralling down hill fast but not as fast as morality. Our morality is so low that it is an amazemnent in itself that we are still in power. We are essentially over. This new generation has so few good people that they will not be able to sustain a viable country. In fact, I will go as far as to say that "Pop" culture is outright destroying the entire country. I'm just calling it like I see it. If our country were as small as the town I live in, then we would be doomed. DOOMED!!!