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Monday, June 1, 2009

Heinous Acts of Violence

I agree with President Obama in his assessment of the murder of a late-term abortion doctor. I believe that life is precious. The murder of another is a heinous act of violence, yet I don't believe the President can see both sides of the issue.

Late-term abortions are also heinous acts of violence. You cannot help but see this if you think life is precious for these babies would be born into the world with life if merely left alone.

Those who support such abortions always call the child a fetus. I wonder if that soothes their conscience. It certainly keeps people from seeing the other side. That can't see that a society that supports taking advantage of those who are helpless slides down a slope of increasing disregard for life.

Will we withhold health care for the elderly some day? I think you can be assured of that. We will probably call them something other than grandma by that time. We will reassess the quality of life and adjust our thinking of bettering our society by not wasting any more of our inheritance on those from whom we will inherit.

President Obama sees this as "our differences." He does not seem to grasp that this is much deeper than that. We are talking about our values. You cannot simply change your mind about your values. You cannot be debated from them. They are at the core of your being. Honestly, you either value life or you don't.

Jesus let children come to Him when the disciples didn't see their value. He told them that it would be better to be drowned in the sea than to cause harm to a child. Here was a value that Christians should grasp. You value children. You don't hurt them.

Some see abortion in relation to the Holocast. They see the parallel between those who simply sat by and did nothing while millions were killed. What sane person would deny that this was a heinous act of violence?

I abhor the murder of this doctor. You can't say life is a value and take life in this way. Yet, I don't think that those who support late-term abortions understand the act as it is performed. I don't think they understand that this is destroying the helpless. They don't understand that it may even be them someday that will be denied health care or even given a pill that will make all their problems go away.

Yes, this is a heinous act of violence. . . on both sides of the issue.


Sam said...

Very well put. Murder by any other name is still M-U-R-D-E-R!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you have said. However, I do wonder what your thoughts are on the women who have babies (instead of an abortion) and then are not able or mature enough to take care of the child. Is it selfish to bring a child into the world knowing you will not be able to grant that child the life you had or the life you would have hoped to provide for your child?

Prentis said...

The mother may be selfish but that makes no difference to the child. The child is being offered life. There will never be any justice is taking life from the helpless. Life is a miracle entrusted to parents but always belonging to God. He determines how and when life ends.